I’m Jesika Lefebvre and I wear many hats to many different people.  But just like everyone, it is a struggle to get everything done at work, home and then make time for a home cooked meal.

My husband and I try out best to eat paleo, and for the most part don’t cave (sorry, bad pun hehe) in too often. We eat potatoes, I know this controversial – but my husband without potatoes is like taking bacon away from him.  You just can’t win it all!

My work keeps my perspective and keeps my grateful for what I have – I work full-time at a non-profit helping people who are chronically homeless get housing and maintaining it, volunteer as a mentor for a minimum security women’s prison, am a part-time student completing my BA in Psych and have 3 wonderful dogs.  My continual dream is to strive for a more natural existence and hopefully once and for all curb my nervous tummy and psoriasis.

I sure don’t have life figured out, and am easily distracted by Netflix among other non-work things – however, I hope my learnings and passion for cooking will help you!


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